Refugee & Immigrant Services

JFCS/East Bay provides immediate services upon a refugee or immigrant’s arrival, as well as ongoing guidance as they learn to live in a new country. Our therapists, case managers, and volunteers become an invaluable support system, helping families build community, navigate the health care system, and much more. The cultural values, beliefs, and practices of the communities we work with are at the heart of how our programs are created. Our multicultural staff includes Jews, Muslims, and Christians speaking Arabic, Farsi/Dari, Bosnian, Spanish, Russian, and English. Our staff is well trained to deal with issues related to the effects of war, relocation, conflicting cultural values, and differing child-rearing practices.

Resettlement & Immigration Legal Services

JFCS/East Bay has developed significant expertise in welcoming and resettling newcomers to the area, starting with Jewish refugees escaping Nazi Germany and continuing through waves of immigrants from the former Soviet Union. Today, our resettlement program continues to serve refugees from around the world who have experienced religious or ethnic persecution and discrimination. We also have a resettlement program specifically devoted to LGBTI individuals persecuted for their sexual orientation or gender identity in their home countries, such as Uganda and Iran. Resettlement services cover everything from pre-migration, through setting up medical services once here, finding ESL classes, and connecting with local resources.

The story of one of our LGBTI refugee clients was featured on PRI's The World. You can read and hear the piece here.

Our immigration legal services program serves refugees, asylees, and legal immigrants from Mexico, Central and South America, the former Soviet Union, Iran, Afghanistan, and Bosnia. We guide people through the process of applying for green cards, citizenship, family reunification, status adjustment, and more. We often place clients with volunteers to help with citizenship test preparation. Once established here, many of the agency’s resettlement and citizenships clients continue to turn to JFSC/East Bay for ongoing social services, including case management and volunteer matching.