Adoption Consultation


If your family is preparing for or has completed an adoption, JFCS East Bay’s Adoption Consultation services provide expert, compassionate support to guide you in creating and strengthening your family.

Designed for families before, during, and after an adoption, your consultation sessions can include guidance on:

  • Examining various adoption alternatives (as well as other family-building alternatives).
  • Understanding the benefits and complexities of open adoption relationships.
  • Developing and navigating your relationship with your child’s birth mother and her family.
  • Talking to your child at different ages and developmental stages about their adoption.
  • Handling family, school, and community questions and comments.
  • Feeling “legitimate” as an adoptive parent.

Adoption Consultation is provided by Lynne Fingerman, MSW, an adoptive parent and the founding director of a Bay Area open adoption agency. Lynne has thirty-four years of experience providing guidance and support to adoptive parents before, during, and for years after their adoptions.

Consultations are $130 per hour and by appointment only in the JFCS East Bay Berkeley office. This is a consultation and counseling service for prospective and current adoptive parents; JFCS East Bay does not arrange adoptions.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call (510) 704-7480, ext. 235.