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Changing Lives


Thank you for making a difference in our community. Your donation changes lives and helps JFCS East Bay repair the world on a daily basis.

Your donation of $1,000 or more . . .

  • helps provide ongoing support for teachers to develop emotionally literate classrooms.
  • provides monthly stipends for rent, medication, and in-home care for a low-income Holocaust survivors.
  • subsidizes eight consultation sessions for family members caring for an aging loved one.
  • buys seventy-five kosher holiday meals that volunteers will deliver to seniors and people with disabilities.

Your donation of $500 . . .

  • pays for four therapy sessions for a child coping with trauma or abuse.
  • supports a Café Europa gathering for Holocaust survivors, which can include author talks, workshops, and classes.
  • provides four sessions of counseling and case management for a newly arrived refugee family.

Your donation of $250 . . .

  • provides a comprehensive psychosocial assessment of an older adult in their home.
  • pays for a therapist to offer two consultations with a child’s teacher on classroom behavior management.
  • buys twenty-five English language and life skills tutoring manuals for volunteers to use with new refugees or immigrants.

Your donation of $100 . . .

  • supports therapy sessions for an adult who recently lost his or her job and health insurance.
  • helps provide an educational workshop for older adults and their family members.
  • supports a family therapy session for parents and their young child.
  • provides a parenting and acculturation class for refugee parents.

Your donation of $36 . . .

  • buys toys and books for play therapy sessions at a low-income preschool.
  • subsidizes information and referral services for adults taking care of their elderly parents.
  • subsidizes the cost of a Holocaust survivor’s grocery bill for a week.
  • provides healthy snacks for a meeting of Jewish adults with developmental disabilities.
  • purchases supplies for social events for isolated refugee seniors.