Coronavirus Emergency Response

March 19, 2020
By Avi Rose

With the East Bay under shelter-in-place orders, I hope all of you and your families are safe at home, with the food and other supplies you need. I hope too that you’re finding ways to stay connected with your family, friends, neighbors, and others in your community. Despite the physical separation we’re all experiencing, this is a time for all of us to stay close.

As with all businesses and nonprofits in the area, JFCS East Bay is rapidly shifting to new modes of operation. Our offices are of course closed, but our agency is still open, with staff serving clients remotely and creatively. We are still here for those who count on us: isolated seniors and Holocaust survivors, violence-exposed children, newly arrived refugees, immigrants needing legal representation, and all kinds of people already beginning to feel the effects of this economic crash.

It is those vulnerable people we are most concerned about right now—and we are reaching out to ask for your support. Even in “normal” times, many of these people struggled to make ends meet. Now, many are losing their livelihoods. They are anxious about putting food on the table. They are worried about paying rent. They aren’t sure how they’ll afford their medications. And of course, many are feeling scared and isolated, in need of the ongoing counseling and case management that they rely on us for.

We are entering uncharted territory, which we may be navigating for many months ahead. We already know there will be a tremendous surge of need for financial assistance, as well as mental health support. Our community has always stood with the most vulnerable among us when they need it the most; I know you’ll be there once again. Please join the East Bay’s response to this crisis and donate today.

This is a defining moment in our country and community. We will all remember this shelter-in-place period for the rest of our lives. In the midst of the anxiety and the fear, let’s be our best selves, rising to the occasion and doing what we do best: putting our values into action and caring for the most vulnerable among us. Please join us.


We are here to help. You can still reach us at our regular office numbers: (510) 704-7475 in Alameda County and (925) 927-2000 in Contra Costa County. During working hours, calls are being forwarded to our office managers and will be answered. If you call after hours, please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as we’re able. You can also fill out our request for information form to receive a call or email back.


When normal routines are interrupted, we often find ourselves feeling disoriented, anxious, and depressed. Even though you’re staying home, see if you can maintain some of your regular activities. If you usually get up a certain time to walk your dog, continue to do that. If you would always go to an exercise class at a particular time, find a class online and stream it when you would normally be working out. Try to have meals at your regular times. Having a somewhat consistent routine will help you maintain balance and feel centered during this difficult time.