Disgusting. Immoral. Anti-American.

July 22, 2019
By Avi Rose

Sadly, we must again sound the alarm on the Trump administration’s attempts to decimate the U.S. refugee program.

Last week, news outlets reported that the administration is considering setting next year’s refugee admissions ceiling as low as zero. This is at a time when more than 70 million people are displaced worldwide, the largest refugee crisis in recorded history.

Historically, the U.S. has welcomed 75,000 to 95,000 refugees each year. Last year, the president set the ceiling at 30,000, the lowest number since the U.S. refugee program began. Going to zero would represent a full abdication of our country’s role as a humanitarian leader.

This week began with an announcement of renewed efforts to block people from seeking asylum and is ending with reports of ending refugee resettlement. The message from this administration is clear: no one is welcome, no matter how they seek safety, no matter what persecution they face. At the moment, this is aimed at Muslims and people of color, but it could be anyone.

For all of us who share a commitment to “welcome the stranger,” for all of us who believe that those who flee for their lives should have an opportunity to live in freedom and safety, for all of us whose own families were once welcomed to this country, we are shaken and outraged.

Please join us in raising your voices to elected officials, in increasing awareness in your networks, in joining actions to stand up for those seeking freedom, and in supporting refugees and immigrants in our own community.