Say His Name: George Floyd

May 28, 2020
By Avi Rose

As we prepare to observe the Jewish holiday of Shavuot, we at JFCS East Bay are saddened by yet another horrific murder in our country. Our agency mourns with George Lloyd’s family and stands with the African American community, which has endured so many brutal losses. We also stand with our colleagues at JFCS Minneapolis and the entire Network of Jewish Human Service Agencies, which released a statement today “expressing sorrow and outrage at the senseless death of George Floyd.”

As an agency, we reflect our community’s deep commitment to justice, including racial justice. In serving our diverse East Bay community, we are well aware that some of us live under the threat of racist violence, every single day. We are committed to sustaining a community where every one of us can survive and thrive.

Those of us who are white carry a very serious responsibility to advance racial justice in our personal and communal lives. We must educate ourselves and the people around us and take action in numerous ways. We should also listen to people of color who are willing to share their experiences, with careful attention, without interrupting, and without placing the burden on them to educate us.

Tragically, it is highly likely that there will be future incidents of blatantly racist violence to decry. We should all be prepared to keep speaking up until the day it is no longer necessary.

May we find wisdom and strength in the days of Shavuot and in all the days to come.