Muslim Ban 2.0

March 08, 2017
By Avi Rose

On Monday, the president signed a new executive order (EO) suspending refugee arrivals and singling out all travelers from six Muslim-majority countries. Though there are some modifications from his previous EO, it is clear that this new order is guided by the same religious animus as the first. We at JFCS East Bay remain firmly opposed to this “Muslim Ban 2.0,” and will continue to participate in an ACLU lawsuit filed to challenge its constitutionality. For us, this action is grounded in three deeply held commitments:

  • Our commitment to stand up for our clients who seek refuge and family reunification.
  • Our commitment to our values of welcoming the stranger, caring for the vulnerable, and pursuing justice.
  • Our commitment to honor our Jewish history as frequent refugees and as people who have suffered when governments give preferential treatment to certain religions over others.

This is truly a moment we will remember for the rest of our lives. We are so proud to be in it with all of you, heartened by your dedication to compassion and justice, and sometimes overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of you coming forward to welcome refugees and support our efforts. Please continue to volunteer, to donate, and to advocate. Together, we will emerge from this moment with renewed clarity about who we are and what we stand for.

Avi Rose
Executive Director