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Parent Consultation & Coaching


Sometimes, families need targeted information around a particular parenting or family concern. From navigating issues that many families deal with, to thinking through your own parenting approach and philosophy, to addressing developmental questions, JFCS East Bay’s Parent Consultation & Coaching programs can provide your family with practical and emotional support. Our parenting support programs are designed to strengthen the parent-child bond and help parents navigate various stages of their children’s growth.

These services are entirely flexible to your family’s needs. We can set up ongoing, weekly sessions or schedule meetings whenever a particular issue arises and you need some support and ideas.

Parenting Consultation

Parenting Consultation is all about concrete help for your specific parenting issues. Our staff can provide strategies for addressing sibling rivalry, helping your children with eating and sleeping routines, establishing chore and allowance policies, developing a positive discipline approach, and much more. There are times when all parents feel overwhelmed by a particular challenge and wish they had someone to turn to for personalized advice. We’ll give you specific information to address these issues and as well as guidance in how to apply it.

Parent Coaching

Parent Coaching takes a big picture look at your parenting approach and philosophy. It’s not therapy, but it will help you identify what kind of parent you want to be and what strategies you can use to meet those goals. Parenting Coaching can provide tools to strengthen your loving and emotionally supportive parent-child relationship. We will work with you to identify the strengths your family already has and develop strategies to address the challenges you face. Coaching will help you build your confidence as a parent and enjoy the parenting journey.

Child Development Consultation

If you have questions about your young child’s motor, communication, emotional, cognitive, or sensory development, our Child Development Specialist can observe your child (infants to five years old) and provide specific assessment and feedback. Whether you’re concerned about whether your child is on target for her age, if he is developing typically, or if she needs any sort of developmental therapy, we can help you identify and address potential issues. We can also provide guidance and strategies to use with your child and help you determine if further assessment is needed.

Family Mediation

JFCS East Bay provides mediation services for families seeking to resolve child custody issues, develop visitation schedules, or modify current parenting plan schedules. We also can help families positively implement their parenting plans. Our co-parent counseling can assist parents who are separated and raising children in two households work together to promote the best interests of their children.

Further information

Our Parenting Consultation & Coaching services are available at an hourly rate of $130.

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