Recognizing the Moment

April 21, 2021
By Robin Mencher

We recognize that experiencing the Derek Chauvin murder trial and hearing the verdict affects all of us as humans, as community members, as Americans, in a variety of ways. Many of us will be feeling a range of emotions about the murder of George Floyd and so many other Black people whose lives have been stolen and continue to be stolen by the hands of injustice and the legacy of slavery and white supremacy in our country. 

Jewish Family & Community Services East Bay is an organization focused on individual and community healing. We are guided by the Jewish values of repairing the world, upholding the sanctity of every human being, comforting the bereaved, and pursuing justice. 

The murder of George Floyd and the subsequent trial and verdict show how far we are as a society from those values, and remind us all to continue working toward the repair and justice we desire. As a community, let’s commit to recognizing the systems around us, to comforting those most impacted, and to pursuing justice in everything we do.