Refugees Welcome Fund


In light of the current refugee crisis, we at JFCS East Bay are proud to welcome new refugees, to support refugees who have already arrived, and to engage the many people in our community who want to stand up for compassion, justice, and the deeply held value of Welcoming the Stranger. The Refugees Welcome Fund supports these efforts.


Donations to the Refugees Welcome Fund help new and recently refugees with housing costs and other essentials while also supporting our comprehensive resettlement services and community mobilization efforts.

The Refugees Welcome Fund helps people like Aliah, a refugee from Afghanistan whose husband worked as a translator for U.S. forces. When the Taliban threatened their family for collaborating with the U.S., Aliah, her husband, and their four children fled the country. JFCS East Bay staff and volunteers helped them find and furnish an apartment, access medical and mental health care, and acculturate to their new lives in the Bay Area.

If you are eager to act on the best of Jewish and human values, bringing compassionate and expert assistance to refugees in need, please consider making a donation today to the Refugees Welcome Fund. Be part of making the East Bay a welcoming place for refugees.