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Refugees & Immigrants

Family & Parenting Support

Refugee and immigrant parents are under extreme stress as they build new lives for their families...

Refugees & Immigrants

Health Navigation

Lack of access to health care is one of the most critical issues facing refugee and immigrant com...

Refugees & Immigrants

Immigration Legal Services

JFCS East Bay provides professional assistance to immigrants and refugees applying for a range of...

Refugees & Immigrants

LGBT Refugee Services

JFCS East Bay is currently the lead organization in the United States resettling LGBT refugees. L...

Refugees & Immigrants

Mental Health Services

After experiencing war, poverty, trauma, and relocation, new refugees must also face the challeng...

Refugees & Immigrants

Refugee Resettlement

JFCS East Bay’s resettlement program serves refugees from around the world, particularly focusing...

Refugees & Immigrants

Refugees Welcome Fund

In light of the current refugee crisis, we at JFCS East Bay are proud to welcome new refugees, to...

Refugees & Immigrants

Russian Jewish Program

JFCS East Bay is proud to have resettled more than 2,000 Jewish refugees from the former Soviet U...

Refugees & Immigrants

Senior Services

Refugee and immigrant seniors face particular barriers to accessing services and support. The gre...

Refugees Welcome

Read our statement on the
Executive Order suspending the
refugee resettlement program.