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Refugees & Immigrants

Family & Parenting Support

Refugee and immigrant parents are under extreme stress as they build new lives for their families...

Refugees & Immigrants

Health Navigation

Lack of access to health care is one of the most critical issues facing refugee and immigrant com...

Refugees & Immigrants

Immigration Legal Services

JFCS East Bay provides professional assistance to immigrants and refugees applying for a range of...

Refugees & Immigrants

LGBT Refugee Services

JFCS East Bay is currently the lead organization in the United States resettling lesbian, gay, bi...

Refugees & Immigrants

Mental Health Services

After experiencing war, poverty, trauma, and relocation, new refugees must also face the challeng...

Refugees & Immigrants

Refugee Resettlement

JFCS East Bay’s resettlement program serves refugees from around the world, particularly focusing...

Refugees & Immigrants

Refugees Welcome Fund

In light of the current refugee crisis, we at JFCS East Bay are proud to welcome new refugees, to...

Refugees & Immigrants

Russian Jewish Program

JFCS East Bay is proud to have resettled more than 2,000 Jewish refugees from the former Soviet U...

Refugees & Immigrants

Senior Services

Refugee and immigrant seniors face particular barriers to accessing services and support. The gre...

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