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JFCS East Bay helps lead the way to a new life in the East Bay through the services we provide to refugees. War, violence, and discrimination have long displaced individuals and families. Many flee their countries in search of safety, freedom, and the chance to build a new life.

A Legacy of Commitment to Refugees 

JFCS East Bay provides critical support so refugees can achieve the basic human rights they deserve. This is a core tenet of our work. We have provided support for thousands of refugees since our founding in 1877. Our refugee individuals and families have faced war, violence, and/or persecution based on their religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or gender identity.  


Providing Healing, Hope, and Stability 

JFCS East Bay provides holistic, timely, and culturally responsive support for refugees, including legal, health, education, housing, social, language acquisition, and cultural orientation services.  

Our team is comprised of legal professionals, trained volunteers, and multicultural and multilingual caseworkers—many of whom were once refugees themselves. 

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Refugee Resettlement

Resettling in a foreign country is daunting—especially for victims of violence who continue to grapple with their trauma. JFCS East Bay welcomes refugees and supports them to help make the East Bay their new home.

  • Mental & Physical Health Services

    Mental & Physical Health Services

    Our multilingual case managers offer free health and well-being navigation services. 

  • Lgbtq Refugee Services

    Lgbtq Refugee Services

    Our LGBTQ Refugee Services program provides comprehensive resettlement services for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex refugees.

  • Afghan Crisis Response

    Afghan Crisis Response

    Our Dari and Pashto-speaking case managers and psychologists provide individualized support for refugees to start new lives in our community.

  • Ukrainian Crisis Response

    Ukrainian Crisis Response

    Over 350 newly arrived Ukrainians have connected with us to receive services since June of 2023.

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Volunteer Services is collecting Gift Cards of all types and other items from our Amazon Gift Registry to support over 300 families by December.

This list was carefully compiled based on what our clients have requested the most. We are grateful for any contribution!