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Mental & Physical Health Services

We help assess immigrants’ mental and physical health status and needs they have.

Health Navigation

Lack of access to health care is one of the most critical issues facing refugee and immigrant communities in the United States. Due to linguistic and cultural barriers, it is extremely difficult for non-English speaking refugees and immigrants to access and utilize health care services. 

JFCS East Bay’s multilingual health navigators help clients:

  • Obtain health benefits and insurance
  • Guide them through the complex healthcare system
  • Advocate for care with doctors and other medical personnel
  • Teach clients how to navigate the health system on their own

Our health navigation services are provided free of charge. We offer this service to Afghans, Ukrainians and others by our multilingual case managers.

Mental Health Services

After experiencing war, poverty, and relocation, refugees and immigrants arrive with complicated trauma histories and require specialized treatment. They must also face the challenges of building a new life in a new country. This extreme stress puts refugees at high risk for severe mental health issues.

JFCS East Bay’s mental health programs for Afghans, Ukrainians and others focus on assessing each refugee or immigrant to determine their mental health status and needed services. This early intervention helps prevent larger issues from emerging. If appropriate, our own multilingual psychologists will provide direct therapy services.

Case managers are trained to recognize the signs and symptoms of mental health problems. When outside services are needed, our staff provides referrals, advocacy, and translation to help refugees and immigrants connect with mental health providers.

In addition to working individually with refugees and immigrants, our multilingual staff also provide group presentations on mental health topics. These workshops help our clients understand how to differentiate between normal immigration stress and more serious issues, how to recognize the signs and symptoms of depression, and how to determine which services they need.

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