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Board Member Spotlight: Janis Burger

As Chair of the Program Committee at JFCS East Bay, I’ve been privileged to witness our organization’s dedicated efforts to integrate mental health services into all aspects of our programs. Our journey towards empowering mental wellness has been both inspiring and transformative. Drawing from my experience as the former CEO of Alameda First Five, I understand the significance of addressing mental health from early childhood through adolescence. At JFCS East Bay, our commitment to empowering mental wellness has been a focal point of our endeavors.

A significant milestone in this journey was the establishment of the Senior Director of Clinical Services position. This strategic decision played a pivotal role in centralizing and expanding our mental health initiatives, enabling us to better serve our diverse community.

From early childhood to seniors, and including vulnerable populations such as refugees and Holocaust survivors, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive mental health support. Recognizing that mental health needs vary across demographics, our goal is to ensure inclusivity and accessibility for all.

One of the key challenges we’ve faced is the shortage of mental health clinicians. To tackle this issue, we’ve been exploring alternative models of service delivery, such as peer-led support groups and community-led initiatives. Additionally, we’re actively engaging in listening sessions with various communities to gain deeper insights into their mental health needs and preferences.

Collaboration with other community partners and active involvement in public policy discussions are integral components of our strategy. Through collective action and advocacy for policy changes, we aim to expand mental health support and secure funding for these critical initiatives.

Our approach is grounded in the belief that mental wellness is fundamental to overall well-being. By addressing social determinants of health, nurturing partnerships, and advocating for systemic change, we are working towards creating a more supportive and resilient community.

I’m enthusiastic about continuing this journey with JFCS East Bay and witnessing the positive impact we can achieve together.

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