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This Spring is full of hope. Vaccination rates are rising. Things are opening up bit by bit. New federal policies are poised to raise the quality of life for many in our East Bay community and beyond.

So what’s next?

As the world shifts and we begin to meet our East Bay clients in person again, we are seeing new challenges and opportunities emerge. And we must be prepared to meet them.

Thanks to your support, JFCS East Bay has held steady throughout the pandemic. Your donation today will directly contribute to the healing our community needs going forward.

This fiscal year, we launched our comprehensive JFCS East Bay 365 Campaign, with the goal of raising $1.3 million by the end of June to address ongoing and emerging needs. As of now, our community has stepped up to generously contribute $1.1 million. Will you help fill that gap? Please donate today to be part of bringing healing to our East Bay community.