JFCS East Bay 365 Campaign

JFCS East Bay is actively responding to the coronavirus and economic crisis that is hitting our East Bay neighbors who were already deeply impacted by inequities and injustices. We’re helping people with rent and food expenses, addressing technology needs, delivering groceries to high-risk seniors and quarantined families, helping people apply for unemployment benefits, supporting refugees, providing mental health services to children and families of color, offering immigration legal services, and supporting seniors and Holocaust survivors.

So that we can weather this storm—and pivot our services as needed—this fiscal year, we are offering a comprehensive JFCS East Bay 365 Campaign that will support the full range of the agency’s programs. Our goal is to raise $1.3 million in individual donations from people like you.

Your donation now is necessary to make this happen. You can be part of supporting and strengthening East Bay families, now and throughout the year. Please donate today.