Donate Now

We have work to do now. This will be a year of rebuilding, restoring, and repairing our East Bay community. And we move forward knowing that the impacts of the pandemic are still very much with us. JFCS East Bay continues to provide all of our core mental health, social, and legal services in addition to responding to this ongoing crisis. Our focus remains squarely on those disproportionately affected by the pandemic, including immigrants, refugees, people of color, young children, and isolated seniors.

So your donation below will provide food for those who are hungry, support for those who are suffering, shelter for those who are at risk of being unhoused, comfort for those who are isolated, refuge for those who need protection, and so much more.

We must do this together. By donating today, you will be part of rebuilding, restoring, and repairing our community, and our world.