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Fussy Baby Consultation


All babies cry, but some cry more than others. One in five babies is fussy—difficult to comfort and may have trouble feeding and sleeping.

For many parents, caring for a fussy baby is exhausting, frustrating, and overwhelming. There is no quick fix—but there is help. Call JFCS East Bay’s Fussy Baby Consultation, our program for parents who have concerns about their baby’s fussiness during the first year of life.

Our Infant Specialists will work with you to find more ways to soothe, care for, and enjoy your baby. We’ll also explore ways to reduce stress while supporting you in your important role as a parent.

Fussy Baby Consultation may be right for you if your baby:

  • cries a lot.
  • does not like to be held, bathed, dressed, or cuddled.
  • has trouble falling and staying asleep.
  • has very intense reactions.
  • is easily over stimulated or distressed by sounds, sights, and activity.
  • is hard to satisfy.
  • is often fussy or irritable.
  • resists eating or is excessively picky

An Infant Specialist will respond to your initial call by the next business day and then set up a meeting in your home or at our office to explore your concerns, offer support, and provide resources. We will talk about your baby’s day, think together about strategies to soothe and calm your baby, and explore ways that you can enjoy your baby more and begin to take care of yourself. JFCS East Bay’s multidisciplinary team consists of an Infant Specialist, a Child Development Specialist, and a public health nurse to ensure that we have a complete picture of your child’s needs.

JFCS East Bay’s Fussy Baby Consultation is affiliated with the Erickson Institute’s national Fussy Baby Network. Services are available in English, Spanish, and Hebrew.

Further information

Our Fussy Baby Consultation services are available at an hourly rate of $130. We also accept Medi-Cal for qualifying families.

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