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Staff Profile: Karen Lottman

Karen Lottman is a licensed clinical social worker, (LCSW) and the cornerstone of our community, having dedicated over 18 years to the JFCS East Bay team. Her journey began as a psychotherapist, where her background in psychotherapy and mental health services immediately shone through. Over the years, Karen’s compassion and expertise have touched countless lives, particularly among seniors and individuals with disabilities, offering vital support during their most challenging times.

One of Karen’s significant roles is as a services coordinator at Villa Vasconcellos, a partnership between JFCS East Bay and Resources for Community Development (RCD). Here, she works tirelessly to assist low-income senior residents in Walnut Creek, providing them with essential services and fostering a sense of community. Whether it’s helping residents navigate social services, helping people maintain safe, stable housing, coordinating food distribution, or organizing social activities like bingo nights and coffee hours, Karen’s dedication knows no bounds.

But Karen’s impact doesn’t stop there. She continues to provide psychotherapy services to clients, many of whom are seniors or individuals with disabilities. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Karen seamlessly transitioned her therapy sessions online, ensuring that her clients received uninterrupted care during uncertain times.

What sets Karen apart is her unwavering commitment to going above and beyond for those she serves. Beyond her official duties, she offers a listening ear, practical guidance, and invaluable companionship to her clients, many of whom consider her a lifeline, especially amidst the isolation and challenges brought about by the pandemic.

As we reflect on mental health this month, Karen’s contributions stand as a shining example of the transformative power of compassionate care. Her dedication, kindness, and commitment to service not only embody the values of JFCS East Bay but also enrich the lives of everyone she encounters.

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