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Trauma Support Resources

As we move through the shock of the massacres and other atrocities in Israel this weekend and the onset of war, JFCS East Bay is here for you.  

For all in our community impacted by the trauma of this moment, we encourage you to take media breaks and set limits on how much news you consume. Give yourself time to connect with people you love, and to talk with the children and youth in your life to support them.  

We’ve gathered this list of resources for parents and educators to support you and continue to be guided by the value of כל ישראל ערבים זה לזה – Kol Yisrael Arevim Zeh LaZeh, the Jewish community is bound by a mutual responsibility to care for one another in body, mind, and spirit. 

Starting this past weekend, our mental health clinicians and care managers began responding with trauma-informed supportive resources and services for individuals and community organizations in our network throughout the East Bay. From Holocaust survivors to families with young children to students at UC Berkeley, we are partnering with community at this intense time and will continue to do so as the situation continues to unfold.  

We will keep you posted. We’ve gathered this list of resources for parents and educators from the Network of Jewish Human Service Agencies to support you. Please utilize these resources as sources of comfort.  

With Love, 
JFCS East Bay


GUIDE: Helping Children Cope after a Traumatic Event, Child Mind Institute 
Hebrew Version
In the wake of a traumatic event, your comfort, support and reassurance can make children feel safe, help them manage their fears, guide them through their grief, and help them recover in a healthy way. This guide was assembled by psychiatrists, psychologists and mental health experts who specialize in crisis situations. It offers simple tips on what to expect, what to do and what to look out for.  

ARTICLE: How to Talk to Kids About What’s Happening in Israel Right Now, Kveller, Oct. 9, 2023
The unfolding tragedy in Israel is hard to comprehend, but every child deserves an age-appropriate and honest conversation. 

EDUCATOR WEBINAR RECORDING: How to Talk to Children about Israel Today, Jewish Education Project, Oct. 10, 2023 
On Saturday, the Jewish people experienced an unimaginable trauma, as attacks on Israel from Hamas left soldiers and civilians wounded, dead, and missing. We are heartbroken, scared, and angry. And as educators, we are also responsible for communicating with learners and their families as this crisis unfolds.  

Join The Jewish Education Project’s Dr. Samantha Vinokor-Meinrath and noted expert Dr. Sivan Zakai for a conversation and the sharing of resources and best practices on talking to children about Israel and the current situation.

INSTAGRAM RESOURCE FOR YOUTH: Protecting Your Mental Health from Violent Content Online, JED Project, Oct 10, 2023
The violence and loss of life happening in Israel and Gaza is heartbreaking and traumatic. And it is possible that video content of violent acts will be shared on social media platforms. Please know that you do not have to watch to care. Protect yourself and your mental health with these tips. 

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This list was carefully compiled based on what our clients have requested the most. We are grateful for any contribution!