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Welcome Week 2023

Check out Our Webinar about Welcoming the Stranger

On Monday, September 11, we hosted an online webinar entitled “Welcoming the New Year and the Stranger,” in partnership with HIAS, and New Lehrhaus. It was an evening filled with meaningful discussions, powerful stories, and a shared commitment to making a positive impact.

Our distinguished speakers enriched our discussion and added depth to our exploration of this vast topic.

To Take Action, visit:
HIAS Take Action
JFCS East Bay Take Action

For those of you who missed the event, you can watch it here.

Additionally, if you wish to contribute further to our work, please visit JFCS East Bay’s High HolyDay page.

Our work is ongoing, a continuous journey towards a more inclusive and compassionate world. Together, we can make a significant impact and build a brighter tomorrow where strangers find a welcoming home and opportunities to flourish.

JFCS East Bay Welcomes

Ami Dodson 
Volunteer Services Manager
Volunteer Services

Homayoon Ghanizada Resettlement Case Manager 
Refugee Services

Patricia Membreno
Admin Legal Assistant Immigration Legal Services

Mark Rabinovitz
JFCS East Bay

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Volunteer Services is collecting Gift Cards of all types and other items from our Amazon Gift Registry to support over 300 families by December.

This list was carefully compiled based on what our clients have requested the most. We are grateful for any contribution!