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Celebrate World Refugee Day 2024

GIVE TODAY for World Refugee Day!

World Refugee Day 2024 is upon us, and this year we have a profound opportunity to show our support in a significant way. JFCS East Bay is spearheading our largest resettlement effort to date, focusing on Afghan refugees who have been forcibly removed from Pakistan. This under-reported crisis has led to more new arrivals now than during the original evacuation after the Taliban takeover in August 2021.

Your involvement can make a meaningful difference in the lives of these refugees. By donating, purchasing household essentials, or volunteering, you can help us continue our mission. Let’s come together to extend a warm welcome to our new neighbors.


Helay's Story: A Journey of Resilience and Hope

Helay is one of the many refugees who have benefited from your support. She shares her experience:

“As a refugee, life is, at the beginning, very hard. I came from Afghanistan, a country where the Taliban attacked. I ran away from war. When I came to the United States, I was on parole. Initially, I faced many challenges: I didn’t have a car or house, and my English was very poor. I was very shy and often cried.”

Fund a Need

Purchase Household Essentials


Your gift helps secure temporary housing for families, provide immediate case management and mental health services to new refugees in their own native languages.

Visit our Refugees Welcome Wish List to buy items that will help furnish homes and make our new neighbors feel comfortable.

Join us by volunteering to help a new family navigate their new East Bay home. You can assist with transportation, ESL tutoring, and become a member of our community welcome teams. 

Thank you for leading the way!

Help spread the word on social media. 

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Spread the kindness today!

Volunteer Services is collecting Gift Cards of all types and other items from our Amazon Gift Registry to support over 300 families by December.

This list was carefully compiled based on what our clients have requested the most. We are grateful for any contribution!